Risk Preferences and Decisions under Uncertainty

Prof. Peter Wakker (Erasmus University, Rotterdam)
Prof. Suleyman Basak (London Business School)
Prof. Stanley Zin (New York University)
Thursday, January 31, 2013 - 9:00am to Friday, February 1, 2013 - 8:00pm
Heilig-Geist Kapelle (Spandauer Str. 1)

The main goal of this Workshop is to bring together senior and junior researchers in the fields of economics, behavioural studies, neurology and quantitative studies that investigate how people perceive risk and take decisions under uncertainty.

The focus will be laid on:

  1. New paradigms in behavioural economics and neurocognitive science on risk perception
  2. How does the individual behaviour shape aggregate preferences and market equilibrium conditions

There will be three Keynote Speakers pertaining to each of research areas:

  • Individual and Contractual Answers to Risks (Prof. Peter Wakker, Erasmus University, Rotterdam)
  • Financial Markets and Risk Assessment (Prof. Suleyman Basak, London Business School)
  • Macroeconomic Risks (Prof. Stanley Zin, New York University)

The workshop will also include presentations by PhD students and young academics. Junior Researchers who wish to present are invited to submit their contribution. Title and one page extended abstract should be submitted by December 27, 2012 to gritmari@hu-berlin.de by specifying the session to which they would like to present:

  • Individual and Contractual Answers to Risks
  • Macroeconomic Risks
  • Financial Markets and Risk Assessment Acceptance

notifications will be sent by December 30, 2012